Monday, September 13, 2010


Barongsay, Respect For Gods Symbols

Gong Xi Fa Cai, a sentence that is spoken by all citizens Tionghoa that China will celebrate the New Year (Lunar) as opening the lunar calendar and the tradition to greet the coming of spring. And, also used as an initial stage to start the return journey of life.
To welcome him, not least among the people of China hold the tradition that can not be separated from belief. This tradition for those circles, like a ritual establish penyebahan ancestors. Because up until now been regarded as the heart is called tradition or religious beliefs.
However, not all the people of China from various countries who regard it as something special. Sino community mainly Christians, there is a warning and some are not celebrating. But, as a big vote mingled with non-Christian Chinese.
For the people of China, Lunar New Year celebration is part of thanksgiving ritual to meet each other and mutually express their longings. But do not get out of the mystical aspects, such as Barongsay party.
Barongsoy, according to the beliefs of people of China, was a lion that has become as a symbol of mystical power so that people gain access to connect with the unseen world. Lion, regarded as China's animal symbolism.
The symbolism of that, eventually became a magical power to do the worship and ceremonies contained in the religious culture. There are mysterious things that can affect people. Because, having the ability to invite the spirit and the spirit tersebut.Atas ruled that power, eventually becoming an intermediary for the spirit world.
Since Zama Hsia Dynasty, drawing is believed to have meaning. Buddhism and Taoism Based on the belief that the lion is described as a defender of the Buddhist faith and the law. No wonder, the figure was always seen as the guardian lions located in front of Buddhist temples.
Now on this day of Lunar New Year, the most popular is the symbol of a lion who demonstrated berakrobatik or barongsay. Tradition has always come to homes or offices as a symbol of fortune and is believed to bring blessing and can ward off evil spirits. This stunt, beating drums and accompanied by fireworks as weapons gembreng and exorcists.
Barongsay tradition, is not really a necessity to be performed during Lunar New Year. On any ordinary day, often played. Because, it is trusted as a form of blessing and expel evil spirits. Usually, when there was a program played blessing a new home, office or welcome guests great.
In the tradition of Lunar New Year, played as a form of respect and devolution of sustenance. Moreover, the new year is the biggest feast. Obviously, the players were trying to get sustenance. China people call it Red envelope. Barongsay game will stop if it gets the money.
Barongsay, played by a group of fighters that China uses force to move the inner chi symbol of the spirit, as well as the lion had the worship of ancestors and is the personification of the gods. There are three types of lions; Kwan Kung is a red-faced and black bearded, yellow Liu Pai and Chang Fei-faced and black bearded.
Before barongsay played, usually first or be buried in the Shrine Temple, then disembahyangi with incense. And before the play, his players pray and worship the Buddha statue first.
Barongsay and Lunar New Year, are believed to also have their own legends. Before dilangsungkannya Lunar, god Toapekong Kitchen (Ciau Kun Kong) facing the Jade Emperor to report the state of their offspring. 15 days later, the Kitchen God it down later. In order not to be disturbed by evil spirits, finally greeted with dances and firecrackers rang Barongsay while wasps with a loud voice.
However, the most trusted again, usually for two weeks will continue to rain. If it rains coincided with the celebration of Lunar New Year, it is believed will bring a blessing. Increasingly heavy rain, the more sustenance. If it is hot, it will be difficult to earn their trust.
From a tradition that was handed down, eventually becoming a separate conviction for the people of China and their descendants throughout the world. Thus, if the Lunar New Year has arrived, the atmosphere was so festive. Families gathered together, eating together, there was a lion dance dance, and other rituals. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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